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The Warp is an online magazine that brings readers the latest news and reviews of emerging technologies. But we don’t just show you what’s cool and what’s hip: we also review and critique these technologies from a critical lens, analyzing their effect on the world around us and their long-term impact on humanity as a whole.

The magazine started when Anderson was finishing his Ph.D thesis under Dr. Valentinova’s mentorship. The two decided to share their love for tech online, with both scientists hoping to inspire young people to be more involved with the study of science and technology.

Our writing team believes that the practical application of science –whether it’s in business and finance, medicine, education, art and media, and everything else in between –is crucial in uplifting and elevating society. We don’t believe in the dystopia of science-fiction: we believe that the right tech in the hands of people with the right mindset can bring forth utopia, a society wherein science and reason hold sway.

Our Team

Dr. Oksana Valentinova

Dr. Oksana Valentinova was born in Belarus to Physicist parents. She moved to the United States when she was 6, graduating with a double degree in Computer Engineering and Materials Science from M.I.T, before completing her Ph.D in  She is currently pursuing her second Ph.D in Harvard while working as a computational science lecturer and as a consultant to various tech firms. When she’s not being an ‘evil nerdy scientist’ (her words!), she likes to ride her dirt bike around the Massachusetts countryside and rock climbing with her friends.

Anderson Reeves

Anderson Reeves is a computer programmer with a Ph.D in Computer Science and has been tooling around with computers and codes since his dad bought him a Batch Coding Machine on his 7th birthday. Since then, Anderson has studied pretty much every coding language there is and is spreading his knowledge through teaching in community colleges around Brooklyn. When he’s not geeking out on the latest tech, he volunteers at his local rec center, teaching kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in an effort to keep them off the streets and more interested in sports.

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